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Thank you to the Copper Club community for your continued support of the scholarship program in 2023.

Copper Club Scholarship Program

From inception, the Club has made contributions, from accumulated excess funds, to causes and educational programs associated with the copper industry. The Board of Directors voted that all excess funds be used to establish a Grants Program to assist exceptional students preparing for careers in fields related to maintenance and expansion of the copper industry.

The criterion for the Grants, which can be up to $15,000 each, is academic excellence and need of financial assistance. Accordingly, the Copper Club Educational Fund was established in 1994 and it has been administered by members of the Club’s Executive/Finance Committee.

On August 17, 2000, the Copper Club (a complex trust) and the Copper Club Educational Fund, Inc. (a not-for-profit corporation) were merged and the surviving entity renamed The Copper Club, Inc. (a 501(c)3 charitable organization) which best serves the interest of the club and its members.

To date, 183 scholarships and 2 special grants have been awarded. In 1995, companies with which many of our members are associated, graciously commenced contributing to the fund. With these contributions and, hopefully many more, we are striving to build an annuity, in perpetuity, which will assure sufficient funds for eight grants per year.

To donate to the scholarship fund, contact us at

The 2023-24 application period has closed.  To inquire about submitting an application for a Copper Club Academic Scholarship, please contact Jeannie St. Onge.  Applicants must be submitted through their school, and scholarships are available to students entering their junior or senior year or graduate school.



Congratulations to the 2022-23 Scholarship Recipients

The Lord Bagri Scholarship Recipient
Jacob Maxon,
Michigan Tech University

The Barry Feldman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Cole Kageos,
Virginia Tech

Ricardo Ortega, Iowa State University
Zubin Soomar,
University of Arizona
Cassidy Crouch,
University of Kentucky
Sarah Glaspell-Elser,
Queens University


The Lord Bagri Scholarship Recipient

Emily Street, Michigan Technological University

Barry Feldman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Kyle Ressler, University of Kentucky

Alexander Holmwood, University of Nevada, Reno
Benjamin Magnin,
Colorado School of Mines
Gerardo Martinez
, Colorado School of Mines
Anirban Ray, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad
David Sawyer, University of Utah
Sarah Shearer
, Queen’s University
Seung-Hwan Shin, Tohoku University
Addison Wong, Colorado School of Mines
Ashley Woodward
, Virginia Tech

The Lord Bagri Scholarship Recipient
Paul Mather,
Purdue University

Barry Feldman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Nicholas Elling, University of Kentucky

Amy Blatnick, Colorado School of Mines
Jack Dombrowski
, Colorado School of Mines
Alexander Jones, Colorado School of Mines
Catherine Ott, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Annika Peterson, University of Utah
Ryan Sernoskie, Queen’s University

The Lord Bagri Scholarship Recipient
Curtis Johnson,
University of Nevada, Reno

Barry Feldman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Dirk-Philip Van Den Berg, University of Kentucky

Jack Dombrowski, Colorado School of Mines
Kerst Kingsbury, University of Arizona
Timothy McIntyre, Colorado School of Mines
Kaitlyn Nagel, Colorado School of Mines
Chris Osterhout, Virginia Tech
Maria Pineda, New Mexico Institute of Technology

The Lord Bagri Scholarship Recipient
Cayley Brooks, University of Arizona

Barry Feldman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Christopher Hareland, Rice University

Cameron Baker, Colorado School of Mines | Bon Durica, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology | Seth Edelen, Colorado School of Mines | Byron Hurtubia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile | Luke McCulloch, Montana Tech | Alex Norris, Virginia Tech | Monica Paul, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Emily Perry, Colorado School of Mines

The Lord Bagri Scholarship Recipient

Andrei Romascanu, McGill University

Barry Feldman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Kristopher Schaff, Montana Tech

Emma Baker, University of Nevada, Reno | William Behre, Colorado School of Mines | Javier Cejas, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile | Rachel English, Colorado School of Mines | Sean Klasen, University of Arizona | Evan McCombs, Colorado School of Mines | Bethany Witter, Virginia Tech

Barry Feldman Memorial Scholarship Recipient
Jennifer Jorgensen, University of Nevada, Reno

Ian Brummel, Colorado School of Mines | Cory Burkwald, Michigan Tech | Wesley Hall, Colorado School of Mines | Bridger Hurley, Montana Tech | Jing Liu, The University of Arizona | Tim MacIntyre, Colorado School of Mines | Zarifa McIntosh, Colorado School of Mines | Daniel Rowles, Virginia Tech

Katherine Burke, Missouri University of Science & Technology | George Chapin, University of Utah | Maureen Chorney, Montana Tech | Taylor Dawn, The University of Arizona | Madison Lytle, Colorado School of Mines | Hannah Steadman, Colorado School of Mines | Joe Waite, Colorado School of Mines | Jiaxuan Zhang, University of New South Wales

Ilse Alacantara, The University of Texas at El Paso | Ryan Burton, University of Utah | Elliot Britvec, Colorado School of Mines | Mara Erhard, University of Arizona | Wesley Hall, Colorado School of Mines | Steven Piippo, Montana Tech of the University of Montana | Myriah Santistevan, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology | Felip Sarovic Allende, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile | Jillian Trickey, Virginia Tech | Joe Waite, Colorado School of Mines

Anjelica Campos, New Mexico State University | Douglas “Ty” Conner, Colorado School of Mines | Tyler Faulkner, Virginia Tech | Deanna Fitzgerald, Missouri University of Technology & Science | Timothy Gort, Colorado School of Mines | Jamie Lynn Mills, University of Arizona | Jordan Oxborrow, Colorado School of Mines | Jonathan Spring, McGill University | Krysten Whearley, Northern Arizona University | William Yin, Queen’s University

Andrew Carey, University of Utah | Sebastián Garrido Ortega, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile | Lynn Kern, Virginia Tech | Kyle Lindahl, Colorado School of Mines | Michael MacArthur, Queen’s University | Scott McCue, Montana Tech | Tiffany Oney, Colorado School of Mines | Kimberlin Schnittker, University of Texas at El Paso | Danielle Taran, University of Arizona | La Fon Weston, Colorado School of Mines | Copper Club Mine to Mill Grant – Bestowed to the University of Arizona, Department of Mining and Geological Engineering

Nolan Black, University of Utah | Andrea Brickley, Colorado School of Mines | Valeria Contreras, Franklin High School | Kalli Dinger, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology | Liz Hunter, Colorado School of Mines | Ernesto Ignacio Santibanez Borda, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile | Jordan Rutledge, Colorado School of Mines | Rebekah Simon, Colorado School of Mines | Jason Solomon, University of Arizona | Zachary Wappes, Virginia Tech | Jordan Zampini, McGill University | Tohoku University*
*Grant awarded to Tohoku University for student aid due to the devastating earthquake

Ariane Erickson, Montana Tech, University of Montana | Julian Gastelum, Arizona State University | David Haviland, Queen’s University | Emma Janisch, Colorado School of Mines | George Jennings, New Mexico State University | Joshua Morris, Virginia Tech | Dana Specht, University of Arizona | Christopher Storaker, Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile | Crystal Twenter, Missouri University of Science and Technology | Sarah Williamson, New Mexico State University | William MacIntyre, Colorado School of Mines | Conor Pesicka, Colorado School of Mines | Kimberly Conner, Colorado School of Mines | Taylor Christenson, Morenci Jr. Sr. High School | Cody Clark, Franklin High School | Kyle Edwards, Silver High School

Domingo Gustavo Lama Astaburuaga, Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile | Andrew Mountford, Queen’s University | Nicole Loehr, Montana Tech, University of Montana | Scott Shields, University of Arizona

Jack Stratton, Montana Tech, University of Montana | Liane Sandula, Queen’s University | Skylar Cobb, Colorado School of Mines | Andrew Storey, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Meghan C. McGrath, University of Missouri-Rolla | Philippe Tetreault-Pinard, McGill | Christopher J. Roos, Montana Tech | Juan Carlos Cortés Campos, Catholic University of Chile

Filepe Nicolás Bernal Rebolledo, Catholic University of Chile | James Joseph Martin, Virginia Tech | Dustin Meisburger, University of Arizona | Kelly Ann Murphey, Montana Tech

Brady Butler, University of Utah | Kara Smith, Virginia Tech | Jennifer Nekuda, Colorado School of Mines

Emily Bracken, University of Missouri | Lisa Schlink, South Dakata School of Mines | Tim Casins, Colorado School of Mines| Steven Shipley, University of Arizona

Laure Pate, Colorado School of Mines | Andre Gagne, McGill University | Steve Bundrock, Montana Tech | Nathan Switzer, University of Missouri-Rolla

Elizabeth A. Niemi, Montana Tech | Jorge Peter, University of Missouri | Emily A. Sarver, Virginia Tech | Joseph D.White, Colorado School of Mines

Grant Kaiser, McGill University | Jennifer Conning, Montana Tech | Bert Cantu, South Dakota School of Mines | David Harding, University of Utah

Brian R. Buckham, University of Idaho | Bradley J. Estes, Montana Tech | David D. Michel, Queen’s University | David A. Neal, Virginia Tech

Peter Collins, University of Missouri | Joclyn Hunt, Montana Tech | Richard D. Murdock, Queen’s University | Roy T. Oommen, McGill University

Michelle Langmaid, University of Arizona | Christopher Misterek, South Dakota | Mindy Settles, University of Missouri | Susanne Wilson, Queen’s University

Lauren Cockhill, Montana Tech | Kevin Kidd, Colorado School of Mines | Zvonka Nickolich, University of Missouri | Gordi Wong, McGill University

Stephen Antenucci, McGill University | Renee Balison, Montana Tech | Chris Allen, University of Arizona

Michael Holme, University of Missouri | Kristi Linn Kelly, University of Arizona | Michael R. McCarthy, Montana Tech


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