The Ankh Awards

Recipients - 1960s

1968: Robert G. Page

The first New York regional administrator of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Page spent most of his career in executive positions at Phelps Dodge. He became the company’s president in 1947 and won the prestigious Ankh Award when serving as chairman. He is deceased.

1965: James Boyd

Boyd was chief executive officer of Copper Range when he retired. He had worked previously at Kennecott Corp., the U.S. Bureau of Mines and the Colorado School of Mines. He is deceased.

1964: Sir Ronald Prain

With the help of Metal Bulletin Books, Prain published an autobiography entitled, “Reflections on an Era.” He was employed by Rhodesian Selection Trust when he became the third Ankh Award recipient. He is deceased.

1963: Simon D. Strauss

Strauss was a metals consultant and director of Magma Copper Co. From 1946 until 1981, he worked in various capacities at Asarco Inc., New York, including director and vice chairman. He has lectured on mineral economics at such schools as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University and the Colorado School of Mines and has published articles on mineral markets. He is deceased.

1962: Clyde E. Weed

The first recipient of the prestigious Ankh Award, Weed was then chairman of Anaconda Co., where he worked for almost 50 years, as well as president of the American Mining Congress. A Michigan native, Weed moved to New York as Anaconda’s general manager of mines in 1938 and spent about 60 years in the mining industry. He is now deceased.

Past Recipients