The Ankh Awards

Recipients - 1970s

1979: Maxie L. Anderson

Anderson was president of Ranchers Exploration when he won the award. Once a small New Mexico mining company, Ranchers Exploration has since merged with Hecla Mining. Widely known as the pilot on the first trans-Atlantic hot-air balloon journey, Anderson died in a tragic ballooning accident.

1978: Charles F. Barber

Barber, who earned a law degree from Harvard Law School, spent 28 years in various legal and executive positions at Asarco Inc., New York where he was Chairman and CEO at the time of his retirement in 1984. Prior to there, he worked two years as assistant to the solicitor general in the Justice Department and six years as a Washington attorney. He also served in the U.S. Navy as a flag secretary to Admiral Spruance from 1943-1945 during World War II in the Pacific. He is now deceased.

1977: Plato Malozemoff

Born in Russia, Malozemoff held various positions at Newmont Mining Corp., New York, between 1945 and 1985, including chairman, chief executive officer and chairman emeritus. His experience in mining management extended across the United States, including Alaska, and into Argentina and Costa Rica. He is now deceased.

1976: Alfred Powis

A Montreal native, Powis began his career with the Sun Life Assurance Co.’s investment department in 1951 and joined Noranda Mines Ltd. in 1955. After holding numerous executive positions at the company, he served as chairman of Toronto-based Noranda Inc. until his retirement.

1975: Sir Ian MacGregor

Born in Scotland, MacGregor had worked at McFarland Dewey & Co., New York. When he was named the 1975 Ankh Award recipient, MacGregor was an executive at New York-based Amax Inc. During his 25-year Amax career, MacGregor held such positions as vice president, president and chief executive officer. He is deceased.

1973: Frank R. Milliken

Milliken was chief executive officer at Kennecott Corp., which he headed for nearly two decades, when he was named the 1973 Ankh Award recipient. A mining engineering graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Milliken began his career in 1935 as a metallurgist for Peru Mining Co. in New Mexico. He is deceased.

1972: William A. Meissner Jr.

Meissner headed the copper division at the U.S. Department of Commerce when he was named the 1972 Ankh Award recipient. He is deceased.

1970: John H. Eikenberg

Eikenberg began his copper career at 14 years of age as an office boy at the Baltimore Copper Co. From there he moved on to the former Revere Copper and Brass Inc., Rome, N.Y., where he held such posts as corporate industrial engineer, vice president of industrial relations and, finally, chairman and chief executive officer. He retired in 1974 and died 10 years later.

Past Recipients