The Ankh Awards

Recipients - 1980s

1989: G. Frank Joklik

Joklik was chief executive officer of Kennecott Corp., a Salt Lake City-based unit of RTZ Corp., London. He retired in 1993 after more than 30 years at Kennecott. At the time of his retirement, Joklik said he would continue working as a consultant to the chief executive officer of RTZ and join the board of U.S. Borax, an RTZ subsidiary.

1988: G. Robert Durham

G. Robert “Bull” Durham has a long history in aluminum and copper, most recently as president and chief executive officer of Walter Industries, a Tampa, Fla.,-based homebuilding, aluminum and pipemaking firm. Durham retired as chairman of Phelps Dodge in 1989.

1987: Bryon Halstead

When he received the award, Halstead was chief executive officer of Halstead Tube.

1986: Statue of Liberty

Also known as “Lady Liberty,” the copper statue in New York Harbor was a gift from France around the turn of the century. The statue was given the award the same year it underwent repairs.

1985: Frank W. Archibald

Archibald was chief executive officer of Southern Peru Copper when he received the award. He has since passed away.

1984: Roy Richards

As the founder and former chief executive officer of Carrollton, Ga.,-based Southwire Co., Richards was a leader in wire fabrication. He was the driving force in developing Southwire Continuous Rod technology, a process developed in 1963 to cast, roll and coil copper rod continuously. In 1964, Richards received the American Success Story Award from the Free Enterprise Awards Association. He is now deceased.

1983: George E. Atwood

Atwood has been the advisory director for Pennzoil Co. since 1983. Before that, he had spent 33 years in various positions at Duval Corp., including chairman of the board and chief executive officer. He is now deceased.

1982: Harold E. Lewin; Louis Schwab; Joseph Zimmerman

In 1982, awards were bestowed on three “seniors,” though they were not technically designated as Ankh Award recipients.

1981: George B. Munroe

A World War II veteran of the U.S. Navy Reserve, Munroe worked at Phelps Dodge from 1962 until 1987. Among the posts he held at the company were vice president, president, chief executive officer and chairman. He is now deceased.

1980: James D. Santini

When he was named the Ankh Award recipient, Santini was the U.S. Congressman most well-known for making the domestic mining industry his special interest. He is now deceased.

Past Recipients